TubeDownloader 3.0

A program that will let you download videos from well-known video portals
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TubeDownloader is a program that will let you download videos from more than 80 video portals. Its name suggests that it can download videos just from YouTube, but it is also possible to grab streaming media from Metavideo, Metacafe and MySpace, among other sites.

TubeDownloader displays a frame with an Internet browser that, by default, opens the YouTube website. You can move to another portal or use YouTube to look for the video you want to download and, once found, you need to make a copy of its URL into your clipboard and press the "Download Video" button. The program will open a window where you must paste the copied URL, specify where you want to save the downloaded video and the name you want it to have. While downloading, you can navigate away from the page you were, and the process will not be interrupted.

The videos will keep their original format (FLV). Please, be aware that this program DOES NOT PERFORM ANY VIDEO CONVERSION, no matter what the authors published in their website. Also, in the developer’s website they say that you can acquire a subscription to use this program, but the program does not have any access to that subscription, and the forum and contact pages are not working. So, until further notice, this application is free.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It is very easy to use


  • It is untrue that it can convert videos. It cannot
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